Dental Insurance Comparison

Dental Insurance Plans

AmeriPlan Dental ®
$50.00 to $100.00+ monthly premium $19.95/mo for entire household
30 to 60 day waiting period NO waiting period!
6-12 month waiting period on pre-existing Ongoing conditions are included
$50.00 to $100.00 deductible NO deductible!
Annoying claim forms NO claim forms!
$750 to $1500 annual limit NO annual limits!
Orthodontics not included orlimited in most cases All orthodontics included(except orthodontic treatment already in progress)
Must give prior notice to change Dentists (DMO) Can change Dentists without notice
Specialists not included All specialists included
Premium may very Rates guaranteed for 2 years
Additonal fee for Vision Vision Care Program included!
Additonal fee for Prescription Prescription Care included!
Additonal fee for Chiropractic Chiropractic Care included!

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