AmeriPlan Health® Wellness Program

Nutrition * Weight Loss * Fitness Programs * Stress Management
Conveniently All in One Place! 

Available to AmeriPlan Health® Members Only! Now AmeriPlan Health® Members can get started on the road to weight loss and better physical and mental health utilizing the new online Wellness Program administered by Infuse Health.Great Rates for AmeriPlan Health® Members!

First Six Months    
Suggested Retail Price   $119
AmeriPlan Health Discounted Price   $ 79 – 33% Savings
EXTRA BONUS! If you are on the Weight Loss Program and you reach your target weight, AmeriPlan Health® members will receive an additional $30 Bonus Discount on your
Second Six Months.
  $ 49 – 59% Savings

Here’s what this comprehensive online program offers:

Interactive – The program allows AmeriPlan Health® Member to virtually talk to the site and receive programmed responses based on preferences selected.

Warm and Personal – This site is about YOU! It shows real people who are getting results from everyday health, stress management and fitness activities – no superheroes.

Completely Comprehensive – The fitness program is not just an exercise coach. Your personal coach provides customized regiments of exercise, diet and nutrition that can be adjusted based on the specific elements of your profile.

You will receive guidelines to help you with the everyday stress of balancing work, family and other activities in your busy life.

Progress Tracking – You track your own progress so you know where you are every single day. Plus, your personal coach will remind you of activities coming up in your plan for the days ahead.

Real, Accurate Content – The real benefit of these unique programs is the physiological and dietary programs which have been designed by a highly qualified panel of physicians, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and dieticians.

Sign Up for one of our AmeriPlan Health® programs today to take advantage of this, and other, services we provide to our members.

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