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You’ve seen the ads on TV or picked up the flyer on the Walmart Humana RX Plan at the store. The  Walmart RX Plan for Seniors is affordable at less than $20  a month and does pick up some of the cost of prescription  drugs. Humana and Walmart have partnered together in putting the Walmart RX Card together. In addition Humana has additional options for senior citizens with medicare advantage  supplemental insurance plans. In addition to picking up additional costs prescription drugs, these plans help seniors on the out of pockets medicare costs associated with Doctor and Hospital bill.


Recently Humana Inc announced a new Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, in cooperation with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The plan that can provide significant savings on monthly plan premiums and prescription medicine copayments and cost-shares for Medicare beneficiaries, including seniors and people with disabilities. More on the Walmart RX Plan below.

Many Seniors on Medicare have enjoyed low rates  on Medicare Advantage Plans which include additional coverage on things like Doctor visits and hosptital stays. Learn more about medicare advantage plans. Each year medicare insurance plans change what they cost and what they cover. The next general open enrollment starts on October 15, 2013. During this time, people with Medicare can add, drop or change their prescription drug coverage. They can also select a health plan for their 2013-2014 coverage.

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    • Bob Johnson
    • October 21, 2010

    would you please send us the Humana Medicare Complete, Humana Prescription Plans, and all of the rest of the Walmart Humana Medicare, Walmart Humana Plans and Walmart Prescription Drug/RX Plans. Do any of these work also with Disability?

    • Bob Johnson
    • October 21, 2010

    Please send us the information on all of the above Health, Drug and RX plans. Do these also work on Disability?

    • Lorea Lang
    • November 11, 2010

    Please expain the $ 310.00 Annual deductable.

    • annie akridge
    • November 19, 2010

    Would you please contact my mother about medicare
    supplement insurance.

    Thanks, Jeanne Tisa

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