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For the past 10 years, Consumer Guides on Getting and Keeping Health Insurance, have been developed by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute. has served approximately 1.5 million individuals, activists, legislators and others who care about health insurance coverage.

As of September 1, 2008, has lost it’s funding support and is anable to continue to maintain the guides, which provide information on the protections that individuals have, and lack, in each state, when it comes to navigating the loss of employer-sponsored health insurance. Therefore, the guides are temporarily unavailable until they can find a new source of financial support…more below….

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Medicare Enrollment
October 15th begins the medicare enrollment period for Seniors. Between Oct 15 - Dec 7th eligible Seniors can add a Medicare Supplement Plan, switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan or add on a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. There are several other changes that can be made in addition. If you are looking to join a Medicare Advantage Plan enter your zip code below.

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