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Quite contrary to its name, knowledge teeth don’t bring you extra intelligence. Instead, it is simply an additional teeth that many of us have. The knowledge tooth is the third molar. The knowledge tooth generally explodes between the age of 17 and 21. While there are some folks who do not have any sort of difficulty with their wisdom tooth, there are some cases where the wisdom tooth becomes the cause of discomfort.

It must be accepted that by the point the knowledge tooth emerges,your jaw has been absolutely established. All other teeth are firmly in place .As a consequence,the knowledge tooth has to make space for itself, leading to giant pain in some cases. It is possible that the tooth be removed if it is causing extreme pain.

There are certain conditions that call for the requirement for wisdom teeth removal. If the tooth is seated in a firm position then it needn’t be removed. However, if it is in an irregular position such as tiled or twisted then you would need to get it removed. Wisdom teeth might also be needed to remove if they get trapped below the gum line.

Due to the inaccessibility of its location, the wisdom tooth is difficult to clean. This lack of cleanliness could lead to tooth rot given its susceptibility to various bacteria or food particles.This again would merit wisdom tooth extraction.

To assess whether or not you need wisdom teeth removal, an X ray would be conducted. The x ray will help figure out the exact location of the teeth and the need for removal. Additionally,the x ray also helps to determine the sort of extraction system that needs to be put to use to remove the wisdom teeth.

The process of removal of knowledge tooth is often painful.The tooth is manually removed by using various surgical instruments. To make the method less painful,local anesthesia is administered. Once the area becomes numb, any additional tissue or bone that lies over the tooth is removed. Once that’s done, the tooth is done, the tooth is removed rigorously using surgical instruments.

Since the tooth is literally pulled out of the mouth, there may be some bleeding. In such cases, the doctor will insert a gauze into your mouth and ask you to put some leverage on the same with your jaws for the following few hours. This will eventually stop the bleeding. Also, it is recommended that you don’t consume anything too warm after a tooth extraction. Instead opt for something cold which will freeze the blood flow and stop the difficulty from worsening further.

be assured that if your knowledge teeth are in the correct place, you have nothing to worry about.

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