Medicare Part A Deductible for 2013

Medicare Part A DeductibleThe following video explains Medicare Part A Deductible for 2013. It is a guide medicare part a deductible for Seniors as well as for insurance agents. Video translation below.

Hello, This is Michael Gattorna with SIMA, the Senior Insurance Marketing Association. Today we are going to be talking about the part a medicare deductible. How explain it and why it may not cover all services. and I’ll be explaining it today like I would a client.

Medicare part a impatient deductible is one thousand one hundred eighty four dollars. This covers a semi private hospital room, meals, nursing inpatient drugs, supplies etc. This will cover you for a better period which last sixty days.

Medicare Part A Deductible Day 1-60

So for example if you add to the possible for a heart attack stay ten days but they go back to related to a heart attack within twenty days you’ll continue on day eleven of the benefit period. So if you leave within sixty days and you return, you pick up on whatever day left off on. Now if you are back in the hospital for another illness, say a broken leg this start a new benefit period and they can overlap. So you can have a new deductible to pay.

Now the benefit will reset after sixty days free of care. So if the hard attack you had occurred February, and you didn’t have another heart illness until November you’ll have two deductibles that year. One for February and one for September because they are more than sixty days apart.

Medicare Part A Deductible Day 61-150

After sixty days you’ll pay on a per day occurrence, which will be a quarter of the part a deductible to the next thirty days and then half of that deductible but today one fifty. But most people don’t reach that.

Now you may pay more. I refer to the medicare part a deductible for for hospitalization as brick and mortar coverage. When I described the deductible covers I did not mention doctors, surgeons, special services. Because they may bill differ from the party of through part b of medicare. The part a deductible may not count towards their services. It all depends on how the doctors and hospitals, surgeons etcetera bill to the hospital.Some may be includes in the hospital bills and maybe separate. Unfortunately there’s no real way to tell, unless you ask or you receive the bills in the mail.

So this is a quick explaination on how to explain part a deductibles, to your clients. For more information about medicare and to get a free membership to SIMA, the the Senior Insurance Marketing Association visit us at

Medicare Part A Deductible Summary

  • 2013 Part A Deductible = $1,184
  • covers a semi private hospital room, meals, nursing inpatient drugs, supplies etc
  • the deductible will cover you for up to 60 day
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