Humana WalMart RX Plan

Humana and Walmart Announce Innovative Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan with Lowest National Monthly Premium Offered in all 50 States and D.C.

Recently Humana Inc  announced a new Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, in cooperation with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The plan  that can provide significant savings on monthly plan premiums and prescription medicine copayments and cost-shares for Medicare beneficiaries, including seniors and people with disabilities. More on the Walmart RX Plan below….

Many Seniors on Medicare  have enjoyed low rates  on Medicare Advantage Plans which include additional coverage on things like Doctor visits and hosptital stays. Learn more about medicare avantage plans. Each year medicare insurance plans change what they cost and what they cover. The next general open enrollment starts on November 15, 2010.  During this time, people with Medicare can add, drop or change their prescription drug coverage. They can also select a health plan for their 2011 coverage.


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    • October 20, 2010

    i can not find any list of the drugs that you will cover and the tier that the drug is listed at when will you be getting that out so we can compare what we have.

    • Barb Van Fleet
    • October 30, 2010

    called the office talked to a man who was to mail me a book on how to enrol how much it would cost me .The internet did not say anything that can help me to know if I want to change my now drug plan to yours more info please

    • Ludwina Dennis
    • November 4, 2010

    Would like to know about the Wal-Mart Humana RX plan.

    • robert yurkus
    • November 8, 2010

    2 phone calls…looked at Walmart/Humana wbsites..and still haven’t or can’t get an “APPLICATION” to register?//What gives?? Thanks

    • Anna May & Clement York
    • November 13, 2010

    What would we have to do to join Walmart Rx Plan

    • Dolores Larrison
    • November 13, 2010

    I have been going around & around on this website trying to get a price & more info. on the walmart/humana Rx plan. I keep getting directed to health insurance coverage which I already have. I wish to change my prescription coverage, that’s all. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Wayne Emerson
    • November 15, 2010

    Would like to know about the Walmart Humana RX drug
    plan. Thanks

    • Phyllis Jones
    • November 15, 2010

    I would like to know how the wallmart RX plan compares of the Medicare RX plan.

    • J. Swofford
    • November 20, 2010

    Would like to know what the deductable will be at the beginning of the year on the new WalMart RX plan. We are now enrolled in the Humana Standard-Enhanced plan. Will I save money if I switch to the new Humana/WalMart Perferred RX plan?

    • Shirley M Parham
    • November 25, 2010

    Humana Coverage is what?

    • Wilma Robertson
    • November 27, 2010

    like to have more detailed information on Wal-Mart/Humana RX plan. I have Humana Gold Plus insurance now. Need info on $14.80 plan, list of drugs covered and co-pays. Thanks

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