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    • Ephraim&Irene Willis
    • December 25, 2009

    My wife and i have Humana gold Plus HMO policy.We live in the Chicago (cook) collar countys.My wife is on oxygen 24/7 we have the home fill unit.Our copay is fifty dollars per month.Will Humana medicare pay for renital on a portibale oxegin concentrator that is in our network?

    • Deane A. Tenzi
    • July 19, 2012

    My wife has Humana Gold Plus (HMO): Her Dr has suggested she get a Bone Density [Bone Mass Measurement]check. She had this done a year ago. In your 2012 Member Benefit Package book under “Preventive Services”, Item 23, under “Original Medicare” it states “-Bone Mass Measurement. Covered once every 24 months….” While under adjoining column “Humana Gold Plus H1406-022 (HMO) Bone Mass Measurement” it makes no mention of the ‘once every 24 months” restriction.
    My question: Is she covered under this insurance if she opts to have this test, or does she have to wait until the 24 months since her last test to be covered?
    Also, her primary Dr has also requested she undergo a Colonoscopy.
    My question: Does she require a “referral” to be covered.?

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