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Save Money on Prescription Drugs

  • AmeriPlan PRESCRIPTION® DRUG Program
  • INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST with AmeriPlan Dental® & Health Programs.
  • ALMOST 50,000 RETAIL PHARMACY LOCATIONS NATIONWIDE,* including most national chain pharmacies, such as CVS, Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens.
  • ALSO SAVE AT THOUSANDS of independent pharmacies nationwide.
  • SAVE FROM UP TO 25% ON MOST brand-name prescription drugs.**
  • SAVE FROM UP TO 50% ON MOST generic prescription drugs.**
  • SPECIAL SAVINGS ON MOST high-volume and maintenance-type drugs.***
  • MOST PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ARE INCLUDED both at the retail pharmacy and by mail order.
  • TOLL-FREE NUMBER to locate independent and chain-participating network pharmacies.
  • No cost prescriptions – You may qualify for AmeriPlan’s Prescription Advocacy Program.
  • * Discounts are available only at participating pharmacies.

    ** You may not receive a savings on some high-volume or
    maintenance-type drugs since these medications may have already been reduced at the pharmacy level.

    *** Available through mail order program.

    Note: AmeriPlan Prescription® is supported by the MEDCO HEALTH network. Your pharmacy personnel may not recognize the name AmeriPlan®, so it is important to show the card and point out the MEDCO HEALTH logo on your AmeriPlan® membership card.

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