In Dec 07 my 20yr old daughter Rebecca was hospitalized overnight for an overactive thyroid condition. Being a part time retail worker and full time student, she was really worried about how she would pay the hospital bill, which totaled $7466.45 When we got the bills we called AmeriPlan® and faxed all the bills to Melissa our assigned Patient Advocate. With the negotiations now completed, Rebecca is very happy to have saved over $7,000 Thanks AmeriPlan®
Bill S. Everett Washington

I wanted to share a recent testimony about my brother. He was hospitalized for 2 days and had a week of outpatient services for a staff infection on his leg back in May 2007. His bill was $10,500. We heard word last week (Jan 9, 2008) that the hospital settled for $2900 with payments. This took almost 8 months but the beauty of this was during the waiting time not one bill collector called him. He is battling lung/liver cancer and is on disability and is 44. Thanks Ameriplan®
Sharon M.

“AFTER my aunt was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma she took out the family health plan with AmeriPlan®. She already had insurance through her husband’s job. When the first hospital diagnosed her with a stomach virus and sent her home she was forced to go back to another hospital for treatment and diagnosis. After she received the bill, she found out that her insurance would only pay 50% because the second hospital was not “in network”. Her total after insurance was $18,000.

Tony from AmeriPlan® contacted Peggy. He set up a conference call with himself, Peggy and her insurance. He worked with her insurance and the hospital for a while. When he got back in touch with Peggy he had wonderful news!!! Her insurance had agreed to pay 80% for the surgery, treatment and for a year of treatments after that. What happened to the rest of her bill? It was completely written off!!!! Instead of owing $18,000; thanks to AmeriPlan®, Peggy owes $0!!! How great is that?
Kathy P. Rison, AR

“When we added on the QualSightSM program, I was already scheduled for surgery but decided to cancel and get it done through our program. QualSightSM found me a surgeon 20 minutes from home. An amazing doctor. The surgery I received is called PRK the cost would have been $5500. With QualSightSM I was able to get the PRK surgery at the cost of $2200. A savings of $3300 from the same surgery with the first doctor.”
Kelly F. Phoenixville, PA

“I had a bad molar which left me in EXCRUCIATING pain….with AmeriPlan® I was able to make an emergency trip (at 9 PM) to my local dentist, at which time he took X-rays, informed me that the molar was indeed beyond saving, and extracted it almost immediately…. With my plan, I was able to save literally hundreds of dollars in dental bills. THANK YOU, AmeriPlan,for being there for me!!!”
Rick M. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

I am an AmeriPlan Health™ member, and I also have Blue Cross Insurance through my husband’s work. My doctor ordered a blood test before I had met my Blue Cross $500 deductible. I went to my local Lab Corp office for the test, and using my AmeriPlan® discount, I paid $11 for the test. The lab told me their normal charge without insurance is $88. I saved $77 on just one blood test! Also, I’m having major surgery next week. I’ll be using my Blue Cross Insurance, which is an 80/20 plan. The 20% that I’ll have to pay will amount to thousands of dollars. I will use AmeriPlan® to negotiate with the hospital to reduce the portion I’ll have to pay. How can I NOT love AmeriPlan®?
Julie K.

I took our daughter to our orthodontist today.Their price for her braces is $4300.00. With my Ameriplan® discount, they took off $1,075.00! We now pay $3,225.00. I wouldn’t call $1075.00 pocket change!
Marjorie B.

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