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Bill Simms

Hello, My name is Bill Simms and I’d like to welcome to TrinityMedCare.com where we provide access to Health and Major Medical Insurance Quotes for individuals, families and senior citizens that are looking for  affordable medicare supplement plans.  In addition you can also access dental discount plans as well as discount medical programs that are a little easier on the pocketbook and have no pre-exisitng condition restrictions.

Providing affordable benefits for US consumers has been a tradition since 1997 when I registered AffordableBenefits.com Back then we only sold dental plans on the site, but soon saw the bigger need to provide access to full coverage medical insurance quotes online.

TrinityMedCare.com provides access to insurance quotes. You can access those  health insurance quotes online or call 1-877-864-4473 to get a quote over the phone. If you have questions about the dental health discount plans please call 1-888-670-5190. I hope you take the time to review the offers on the site. Please feel free to comment and provide feedback on any of the posts that you look at.

Bill Simms

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