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Walmart Employees that are full time employees can access their Walmart Benefits at . Full time Walmart Associates do qualify for full time health insurance  and walmart dental benefits. You are full time if on average you work 34 hours per week.  Part time employees may or may not  qualify for health insurance. Walmart Associate Employes should refer to the 2013 Walmart Associate Benefits Handbook to determine insurance eligibility. Part time Associates  not covered by Walmart Benefits do have choices when it comes to purchasing health benefits.

Walmart Benefits Alternatives for Part Time Employees

Part time Walmart Employees do not have to go without health and dental benefits, while waiting to get on full time with Walmart. Here are a few of the options you have.

  • Compare health insurance plans in your state, and keep an eye out of cost saving “high deductible” plans.
  • Check with your State Medicaid Dept to see if you qualify for health insurance. Make sure you bring your Walmart Benefits W-2.
  • Look at Discount Health Care Plans as an alternative to save on Doctor and Hospital visits.
  • Check with yours spouse’s employer to see if they qualify for family health insurance.

Walmart Benefits Insurance Options

Walmart Benefits Alternatives

  • Are your family health insurance premiums costing you more than you can afford?
  • Are you finding yourself paying excessive deductibles before you can use your benefits?
  • Perhaps you or other family members are not covered yet. There are solutions….

At Trinity Medcare you can access the top health insurance plan providers in your state.  It pays to compare the plans available to  you and or your family. When you compare health insurance plans, you will be presented with different plan options. Then choose the plan that fits your family and your lifestyle. Begin comparing health insurance plans as an alternative to Walmart Benefits.

Medical Discount Plan Providers

Walmart Benefits Enrollment may not be possible if you are not a full time associate of Wal Mart. It might be worthwhile to consider a medical discount plan, while you are waiting to qualify for full time Walmart Benefits.

Featured Health Discount Plan Provider: AmeriPlan®  Dental and Health Programs provide affordable dental, vision and health care to those in the USA. From $14.95 for Dental Plus to $49.95 per month for AmeriPlan® Healthcare. There is an AmeriPlan® Program for everybody. Visit AmeriPlan® Discount Dental Care for more details.

Learn more about Walmart Dental Insurance.

Visit: Wal Mart My Benefits Online at

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