Hospital Advocacy

We know all too well that comprehensive medical insurance is simply out of reach for many.  In some cases it’s because they do not qualify; in others, because premiums are simply too expensive.  For individuals in these situations, we believe that the AmeriPlan®  health discount card is a great alternative.  Even with exceptional discounts and rich reimbursement schedules, members may face large medical bills, especially whenever hospital admission is required. In these cases, AmeriPlan® Patient Advocacy service becomes the critical missing piece and an invaluable benefit for AmeriPlan® members. 

Since we treat each patient and their locality and provider as a unique combination of variables, we are able to deliver a customized and comprehensive solution that helps AmeriPlan® members drastically reduce their hosptial bills.  With Patient Advocacy AmeriPlan®  members are provided with unparalleled attention and dedication to find the best solutions for resolving their outstanding medical bills.

Should you need to be hospitalized, and the anticipated charges will exceed $2,500.00, an advocate will be assigned to negotiate the best possible fees for the hospital services depending on your ability to pay.  See Testimonials.

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