Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Happy Couple on MedicareMedicare Advantage Plans for 2011 are classified as Medicare Part C. These plans can change so those with a plan should check their 2010 Medicare Advantage Plans. These private insurance plans offer the same coverage as Medicare Parts A and B, with more comprehensive benefits and services. There are many private Medicare Insurance Companies that provide Medicare Coverage Plans in the USA. Medicare pays a fixed fee to the insurance company for your care and the insurance company makes payments to your doctors and hospitals on your behalf.

In addition to basic health care, Medicare Advantage Plans offer additional health benefits, like health screenings, vision care, hearing care and in some plans, dental care. Compared to traditional health insurance, seniors enjoy low monthly premiums with Medicare Advantage Supplement Plans and are able to cover out of pocket medical expenses. Many of these supplemental Medicare plans include prescription drug coverage at little or no extra cost to the plan member.
Medicare Advantage Insurance is voluntary. Each senior decides own their own if they wish to join a Medicare Advantage Plan. With Medicare Advantage Plans you share the costs with a co pay on each doctor visit. These Medicare plans offer emergency care, urgent care and regular doctor visits.

Types of Medicare Advantage Plans
There are two variations on the Medicare Advantage Plans. Most people who choose these plans choose a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). HMO plan types include specific doctors and hospitals in your community. While PPOs provide more flexibility allowing seniors to choose their own doctors and hospitals. HMOs and PPOs have proven over years to be a cost effective means of providing quality health care at a reasonable price.

Medicare Enrollment Periods
If you are just turning 65, you can enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans three months before your 65th birthday, up to three months past your 65th birthday. For existing Medicare recipients, the Medicare enrollment period into these plans is available during the annual Medicare open enrollment period which is November 15 – Dec 31st. Each Medicare Advantage Plan is different and plans do change, so it is always good to compare Medicare plans before deciding what plan is right for you.

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